discreet reality
Tuesday, February 01, 2005
amazingly, it still exists... here's a more up to date blog, that totally pwns this one.


Wednesday, April 21, 2004
hmm...school is almost over. and like..head over to my xanga and stuff if you want to catch up. worked on englsih vid today..is turning out quite humorous. anyway, I should go do some hw (bs) ttyl
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
wow. another pointless post on the blog that never was. good day to you people that still come here for some reason.
Wednesday, December 03, 2003
whAT!!! its backa gain??!!??!!!! ive been on the xanga so much ive forgotten about this. oh well. dont expect another post in a while, not like this accomplished anything
Thursday, June 26, 2003
o.O lets see what this will look like.. i dunno, just testin the new blogger. if its good, ill switch back ^_^
Thursday, May 15, 2003
dammit im so mad! i got tickets for the matrix last nite, and i kept hearing from ppl that they were checkin ids etc.. not lettin anyone in w/o at least showing it... well i forgot my id at home...so i was like fuck it, i dont want to waste 1 hr waiting just to find out i wont get in...then i go home :-(. and apparently, today, i talk to some people who saw it, and they were able to get in without getting their ID checked. GODDAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im soo stupid... on the plus side, since i came home, i finished my project. good...tho it sucked ass.. oh well i get to see it friday or saturday anyway.. im out.
Monday, May 12, 2003
meh,, ya the last poem was too short..who cares, i think im gonna start ranting more on this blog..cuz i can. but not yet...not yet

well...maybe now..

a friend of mine IMed me this today: l3exter: It Is KLOUN: her0inDisguise: DjWhiteM1ke: xXx sTrAyJaY xXx: something good will happen 2 u at 2:25 tomorrow get ready for the biggest shock of your life...................whoever breaks this chain letter will be cursed with relatonship problems for the next ten years tommoroww is national kiss day if you send 15 ppl this in 15 min your safe

I hate chain letters, mainly because they are contradictory. what kind of stupid, disgruntled human being believes this shit... there are usually 3 diff types of chain letters...

A) something good will happen tomorrow... but only if you send this to ___ (insert random number) people in ____ (ditto) minutes, you will be cursed with ______(random curse)

this is stupid. who the fuck believes this? i definitely don't.. Stupid satanic superstitious people. some things like Friday the 13th, or black cats... they are laughable... but this is retarded.

B) ____ is a poor boy in ____(random third world country). he needs a _______(body part) transplant. If you send us 1 dollar, he will be guarranteed that transplant. If you dont send it or pass it on to ____(random number) of people, you will die tomorrow.

How the fuck will they be able to pay for an organ transplant with 1 dollar? maybe they can, but i bet you 9/10 times it will be an infected organ that the donor wanted to get rid of in the first place.. just plain stupidness.

C) this is the anti-chain letter chain letter. It doesnt bullshit you with false promises of love or riches, just says you will feel better knowing that other people wont waste their time sending it to people. And yes, it does make me feel better. It is the only good chain letter in my opinion. if i missed any, email me at agoparaju@msn.com, or send them to me via aim and i will put them on future posts.. however.. anyone that sends me chain letters will have incurred my wrath.

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